The Nine Training Center trained delegates from LuLu.

General Observations:

The training program was of a higher level than the participant, yet participants were eager to understand the concept of CRM. The participants showed appreciation of having the program material in English and the delivery in Arabic which helped them to learn new English vocabulary.

Program Response:

The participants appreciated understanding the CRM aspcets, yet they believed that the implementation part of CRM is not required for their level in the company (which is practicaly right). Knowing that participant understood the concept enough to know that they are not the ones who can implement it shows great level of understanding.

result1 result2
Program Delivery – Any deviations from – PPT, Exercises, and Games. Please record deviations in break timings, unscheduled client visits etc:

1. The program run as schedulled.

2. There is no deviation between the PPT and the printed material.

3. After completeing first day covering the general aspects of CRM, the plan has changed to cover the customer service aspects in the second day after agreeing with participants.

Suggestions, if any to make the program better:

If we can get the pre-questionnaire and the pre-assignment documents it would help us to design the training better.